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Question: How do I receive my Instant Pin Code/Phone Card?

Answer: We will email your Instant Pin Code/Phone Card after your order has been successfully processed.
Your PIN and instruction will be shown on the Web page immediately after your purchase if you already registered with us. You do not need to register in order to make a purchase. You will also receive an e-mail receipt with instruction and PIN from ShwePhoneCard.Com.

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Question: How do I use my Instant Pin Code/Phone Card?

Answer: Simply follow the following instructions:

Dial 800 number provided in the instruction
Enter your phone card PIN and destination phone number

The procedures are the same as that of regular phone card. You can use your Instant Pin Code/Phone Card on any telephone from home or office.

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Question: What should I do if I forget my PIN number?

Answer: Email us at with your name, e-mail address, purchase date and time, and credit card number. We will email your PIN number along with instructions if your information matches ours. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to keep your Instant Pin Code/Phone Card PIN in a safe place to avoid an unauthorized use. is not responsible for lost or stolen PIN.

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Question: Do they (Instant Pin Code/ Phone Cards) have an expiration date?

Answer: Some Phone cards have an actual expiration date. Almost all Instant Pin Code/Phone Cards expire a few months after their first use rather than the date of purchase.

If you have concerns about your card expiration date, please email us at

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Question: What is a connection fee?

Answer: Connection fee is an additional fee charged by the telephone company for each time you place a call. Some company distributes the charges onto the minute used.

Question: Which Pin Code/Phone Card should I buy, with or without connection fee?

Answer: Some Pin Code/Phone Card charges connection fees on each call that you make.
Some do not charge you a connection fee; however, the rates are higher in those cards.

Therefore, it depends on how you are going to use Instant Pin Code/Phone Card. If you are planning to use the whole amount of the Pin Code/Phone Card in one or two times, you might want to buy the card with the connection fees to save some money. However, if you are planning to use the Pin Code/Phone Card more than three or four times, you might want to buy the cards with no connection fees. The rule of thumb is that you should go with the one, which will save your money

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Question: What is ShwePhoneCard.Com return policy?

Answer: In general, there would be no refunds. We will refund the full amount for the defected pin with investigation and approval of

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Question: Can I use it in other countries besides the U.S. and Canada?

Answer: Currently, most of our Instant Pin Code/Phone Card can be used only in the U.S. and Canada.

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Question: Does the rate per minute vary with the time of the day?

Answer: No. With instant Pin Code/Phone Card, you are guaranteed the same low rate seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Except some special card make with some time limit for getting extra time on your call.

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Question: What is the toll-free access number?

Answer: The toll-free number or local access number varies on each type of Instant Pin Code/Phone Card. The number(s) is used for connecting you and the manufacturer’s carrier for Instant Pin Code/Phone Card, which you purchased.

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Question: What is "local access"?

Answer: It means that you can dial a local number within the same area code rather than dialing a toll-free number to use your Instant Pin Code/Phone Card. In general, by using local access number instead of toll-free number, you can reduce your long-distance costs almost in half when calling anywhere in the United States, and significant international savings (as much as 10-20 cents a minute savings), as well.

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Question: Are there any access charges?

Answer: Access charges (if applicable) vary on each type of Instant Pin Code/Phone Card, It also depends on your specific needs. For example, a person who makes frequent quick calls would want a card with low or no connect fees, even if the card has a higher price per minute. On the other hand, if a person wants to use all the time on a card in a single call, a higher connection fee would be acceptable in exchange for a lower price per minute.

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Question: How do I contact ShwePhoneCard.Com?

Answer: You can email us at (or) call at 240-242-7493 to our trained representatives for assistance.

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